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If you are looking for an online dog training program, you have probably researched a number of different products, and one that seems to always pop up is "The Online Trainer" by Doggy Dan (real name Daniel Abdelnoor). Here is an in-depth review that should give you an idea of what to expect from this [...]


How To Stop A Puppy From Biting

Dogs biting

If your puppy is biting you or other animals you could be wondering – is my puppy just born to be aggressive? The good news is that biting doesn’t always mean you have an aggressive dog, and its also a problem you can often fix with training. If the nipping continues despite the tips and [...]


How Much Sleep Do Puppies Need?

You might have thought adult dogs nap a lot, and you’d be right, but the amount of time puppies spend sleeping makes adult dogs look like live wires! Newborns can spend almost all of their day napping, and the majority of their waking hours feeding. This post will cover the amount of rest your puppy [...]